Art. 301202

Awning walls for awning DAP Xtreme - 250 straight

RUR 33,800

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  1. Protection from the sun and adverse weather conditions.
  2. Waterproof awning material.
  3. Mosquito net included.


Awning walls are an addition to the Awning DAP Xtreme - 250 Art. 301250. Allows you to create a mini-room with protection from adverse weather conditions and insects. The windows and door are equipped with mosquito nets. Material - Synthetic fabric, 280g. Weight 13 kg.

Expedition trailers


Expedition trailers

Designed for off-road. High ground clearance and rear overhang allow you to overcome the most difficult off-road conditions. Reinforced Knott hubs (Germany) with the allowable load of 900 kg per side can easily withstand long shock loads. Tightness of the trailer allows to overcome fords for a short time.

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